H.E.R.M.O (Malaysia) 1st

So, me and my sisters we made a SHOPPING HAUL last saturday!!!!

But through online .... We just received our parcel this morning and everything in good condition but some of my brushes that I bought is just "smash" (hair part) .

The shopping haul that we made was from the website called Hermo (the link i will leave it below)

So definitely the easiest way for you to get what you want just by paying through online and voila! you get your stuff in just few days.

I'll show you what we  purchased :)

1 ) Yadah Limited Starter Kit - RM 13.90 / RM 18.90

So it consists of :-

1. Anti-T Toner & Emulsion 8ml
2. Yadah small notepad
3. Oh My Sun Block & BB Cream Sachet
4. Brightening Mask Pack 20g x 2
5. Free Yadah Pouch

Anti-T Toner & Emulsion 8ml
For acne and troubled skin
Rubus Coreanus Root extract from clinical trials controls the excess sebum and antibiosis and has anti-inflammatory effects
Clears up acne Organic Opuntia and Aloe help to calm the troubled skin Leaves the skin enriched with nutritions and smooth without grease
7 Non-added System
: Paraben, Colorant, Raw Animal Materials, TEA, Fragrance, Antioxidant, Benzophenone

Oh My Sun Block & BB Cream Sachet
Oh My Sun Block
  • A light and intensive moisturizing UVA/UVB sun protector that helps soften your skin with a pleasant matt finish.
  • A smooth, dewy texture gently smears into your skin instantly and rejuvenate your skin with matt finish.
  • With appropriate sun protection factor, it will secure your skin from sun burn.
  • A daily sun block with lightweight covering
  • Based on Opuntia humifusa Extract, this sun block will soothe and moisturize your skin
BB Cream
This multi-functional makeup base and primer with organic extract skincare properties is almost a miracle cream by all standards. Anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, brightening, UV sun protection, moisturising, sebum control, and the best part of all, it comes in pink and yellow undertones for natural looking skin coverage.

Brightening Mask Pack 20g
  • Brightening and moisturizing simultaneously
  • Highly concentrated with nutrients, an intensive care towards a moist, bright, and clear face
  • No slipping, less sticky, and rapidly absorbing

2) Cerro Qreen Fashion Makeup Brush Kit Natural Animal Wool - 10 pcs
#Carmain Red - RM 57.28 / RM 85.00

[ Description ]
- Make-up brush with pink colour wooden handle and PU leather brush case makes every girl make-up like a princess.
- Variety function of brushes that meets your beauty needs
- High quality natural animal hair able to hold powder firmly
- High quality pink colour PU leather brush case cute and elegance
[ Makeup Brush Specification ]
1. Powder brush
   Goat's Hair
   Brush length:17cm  
   Hair length:4.6cm  
   Hair width:4cm
2.Blush Shadow Brush
  Goat's Hair
  Brush length:16cm  
  Hair length:3.5cm
  Hair width:3.3cm
3. Foundation Brush
    Brush length:15.4cm  
    Hair width:2.2cm
4. Fan Brush
   Goat's Hair
   Brush length:16.1cm  
   Hair length:3.6cm  
   Hair width:4.5cm
5. Large Eye Shadow Brush
   Pony's Hair
   Brush length:14.8cm  
   Hair length:1.2cm  
   Hair width:1.2cm
6. Small Eye Shadow Brush
   Pony's Hair
   Brush length:14.5cm  
   Hair length:0.9cm  
   Hair width:0.8cm
7. Eyebrow Brush
   Brush length:13.8cm
   Hair length:0.6cm  
   Hair width:0.6cm
8. Eyeliner Brush
   Brush length:13.7cm  
   Hair length:0.5  
   Hair width:0.4cm
9. Eyelash Brush
   Brush length: 15.6cm  
   Hair length:2.5cm
10. Lip Brush
    Brush length:10.3-17.5cm
    Hair length:0.9cm
    Hair width:0.4cm

3) Innisfree - Smart Foundation Perfect Cover SPF33 PA++ 15ml
RM 24.50 / RM 29.90

[High cover foundation in Small size, reasonable price]

1. It comes in a small size (15ML) at a reasonable price, allowing customers to use depending on their skin type/condition without wasting.

2. Smart skin-customized solution
It comes in four types - Super Moisture / Moisture Balancing / Perfect Cover / Long Lasting, customers to choose the one that best suits their skin type and condition.

3. Jeju mineral and green tea ingredients make the skin look healthy and alive.

4) Pony X Memebox - Blossom Lip Colour [Memebox]
RM 55.00 / RM 75.00

Formulated with white flower complex, honey, and shea butter to keep your lips moisturized and supple, this pigmented lipstick has a glossy finish with just enough lustrous shine.

Thanks Hermo. Hope to shop with you again :)

DISCLAIMER : Product's picture is not mine *  :)

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