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So i certainly come out with an idea where i re-read the old CLEO mag(azine) / latest on of course and i wanted to share the TIPS / maybe IDEA to share with you all out there! So why not bring your girlfriends and come visit my blog for more!!!

*context copied from CLEO magazine directly/indirectly :)
*picture used just for example :)

1. Olivia Wilde ( front page cover )
    " I only pick co-stars who are talented "


Lasting Colour !!!!!

- to avoid having to reapply lipstick repeatedly, fill in lips with lip liner before applying lipstick. 
- this helps lipstick to adhere longer

Beauty School    ( Title : I'm Blushing )

i . Cream Blush

- dewy finish
- fingers ( BEST application tool! )
- warmth ( spread blush evenly )

ii . Powder Blush

- powder form ( easy to blend )
- polished finish
- contouring & highlighting
- be careful ( colour selection )
- too pale ( washed out )
- too dark ( absolutely baked )

iii . Cheek Tint

- especially long-lasting
- great for hot weather & oily skin !!!
- fast drying ( blend fast X "streaky" look )
- matte foundation BIG NO NO ( cheek tint )
- "to be safe" apply tint 1st :)

Suggested BOX :-

Find your perfect rouge :D

***** choosing the right blush shade is stressful when choices are too many, here your skin tone can help your decision EASIER!!! *****

fair skin w pink undertones
# soft pink (sweet & pretty glow)

fair w yellow undertones
# peachy shade (best bet)

medium skin tones
# deep golden pink -> bright apricot -> english rose

dark skin
# bright pinks & fuschia -> shades of plum -> deep rose (subtler look)

ALL FAILS ???!!!

dusty, shimmery pink ( gives any skin tone an ethereal GLOW ! )

Broke Your FAV Blush ??!!

 what can you do to salvage IT?

Broke You FAV Blush ??!!


  • pick up larger pieces & put in a clean container
  • crush pieces into powder form - steel spoon
  • break up smaller chunks TOO
  • loose powder - loose powder blush
  • petroleum jelly - cream blush

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