[UPDATED] Laneige | Hand Sleeping Ball


Hand Sleeping Ball

I've got myself this hand sleeping ball during my purchase of a Laneige item online @ Hermo but my item turns into nothing cause out of stock then they still put the sample inside my parcel ...

Laneige Hand Sleeping Ball 
- overnight mask for moist hand

It is the orange colour one as you can search to their official website :- Laneige / search on google the topic shown above :D you'll get there "asap" hehehe... !!!

⇢ it has the smell of citrus or herbs in it which i myself don't even know what exactly smell is that :P

let me show you guys what i found in the internet :-

this is what i've been using for the past two days

this is the collection available :)

~ when i got the hand sleeping ball i thought it will be exactly like a mask sheet that i have to put on my hand (hahahaha!!!)
~ when i open it, it was only white cream & when you apply to your hand you'll straight away feels like using hand cream but this is more moisturize & oily texture on your hand
~ i still can accept the smell of it but it is not fragrant like the lip sleeping mask thou :D
~ this "ball" thing can be a gift to your friends for them to try out new products on Laneige collection
~ pretty decent size for a sample
~ next day after using the hand sleeping ball i generally doesn't feel anything special yet BUT it does made my hand feels like it has a layer of protection done :)

actual picture taken by me :-

as the flash hit on my hand you can actually clearly see the reflected "highlight" on my hand

i applied almost the size of our index finger which is quiet enough amount for whole of my hand

my hand feels smooth & moisturize but not sticky at all and the cream made my hand feels like "oily" but not [ya'll know what i mean] and it does feels great anyway... guess you can give it a try too!

Thanks for reading.



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