HELP! | My iPhone Problem :'(

well yes, i've been using iPhone maybe about 2 years now... yes 2 years... and i'm just very glad that i'm one of the " IPHONE " user [you know what i mean] but since then it kept on producing more and more iPhone until now we have the iPhone 6S + [which is pretty much happening with its feature - live photo & so]

what i wanted to share today is that my phone is giving me a troubleshoot :)

i've been contacting with ze Apple Support [they did a good job in serving customer thou] which i personally recommend you guys if you were having trouble like me too.

you can click on the link i stated down below for you to head direct to the web of Apple Support :-

after you were directed to that link you'll have to choose what electronic devices that you've problem 


so you definitely will get all the help you needed and you can either contact them through phone / chat [preferably] and you better be on the devices which you have problem with [unless you can no more switch on your laptop thats another kind of trouble :) ] and normally they will ask you about the SERIAL NUMBER : (eg) C123456ABC789  or  OS & VERSION (eg) OS X El Capitan / version 10.0.0

*** my mom said we will get this phone "SOS" & hopefully everything will be okay without any complains ~sigh

Let me share with you guys a short video taken by me and you guys can know my problem more.. so ya... I don't think that i'm the only one in this world that having a hard time with iPhone but i know iPhone actually was a good phone and i'm not making a judging thing here. I'm just here to share my problem and if any of you are having similar problem as I did don't hesitate to leave comment at the comment box down below too ya :) #muchlovefrommeG

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