TRANSFORM [ DIY - Do It Yourself ]

Hi again beautiful !

today's topic

Today's activity might be a little bit different from what I've been posted since BUT i'm here to share & hopefully these tips / tricks / hacks [whatever we shall call it] WORKS well on your first try!

1. Tassel Shirt

basically these DIY inspired by the "shape" of the tassel's strip which allow your shirt to have a whole new look

eg :-     

2. "UV" Protection Hand Cover

this DIY simple as A,B,C cause what you have to do is take your unused / old "tight pants" or "stretchy pants" and trim it


3. Crop Top

just get your old shirt / dresses and transform it into a crop top which make you able to "recycle" your favorite shirt


For more can click on the link/video below to watch :)

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