Review - Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil #03

Hi, sorry for not posting anything all this while cause I am super tired as I had a lot of plans this month and it did freak me out as I was unable to concentrate on things like this cause once me and my family back from our holiday there were Indonesian people who came to visit their ancestry here in Sarawak and we held a event to greet them as well. We just finished everything on last saturday and the days before I was super tired as we reach home around 2 or 3 in the morning [like for almost 3-4 days]

now, let's get into the point now.

Today, I'll be reviewing this product from Innisfree and it is a brow product. I was impressed when I first used this cause I am beginner for the brow thing. I was unable to find the perfect product for myself before and the colour I tried before also did not suit me so I decided to buy GRAY as people always mention tips to use a brow product is that the colour must be a shade lighter than your actual hair colour. I have black hair [never dye before] so gray should be just fine.

I found it to be perfect for my brow thou cause the pencil shape is definitely a yes cause it is super easy to use and apply the product on my brow. I'll be showing to you more details on the photo section :D make sure to check it out too!

 super lightweight and convenient to bring it to anywhere :)
 comes with an wand end which make combing the brow even easier like all in one !
 the shape of the pencil allow easy application 
recommended! - for beginner -

Thanks for reading.


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