Review - Cosrx

So, the reason I wanted to give COSRX product a try was because I saw one of my FAV! youtuber used it like everytime and why not give it a try...right?

hahahah! so me and my sister tried this one ... [yes the picture below :P]

super cute right?

you can also get one from

my opinion / review :-
  • at first I don't really like it cause of the texture of the cotton pad
  • BUT here comes the REAL DEAL
  • it has 2 sides in which allows you to simply remove your makeup first then the other side is to remove any impurities left
  • it CLEANSE super thoroughly thou [my opinion OKAY? OKAY.
  • it was super good at cleansing
  • it does it's job
  • you'll definitely feels like it cleanse like almost 90% of dirt in your face [for me okay?]
  • no offense cause I loved this product!
p/s : this is my opinion. certain people might have different opinion so I can't judge yours like it didn't suit me at all right?

Thanks for reading.

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