Updated Version * Travel with Jee :)

So normally I will take longer time to post where I've been in blog compare to other social media.

Somehow for now I only use INSTAGRAM !!! (easy ma)

***** Before that I would like to tell you guys about my online shop :- FromTheBasic which already been updated by admin. Any order can be made through the website given above :D *****

Back to what I wanted to share with all of you out there :) my travel experience :) it might not be as amazing as other blogger but yup lets start from the basic (hahahahahaha...)

My first time ever flew to Labuan (a small island), Malaysia , this experience was kinda familiar maybe because of its near to my current place Miri (MYY), Sarawak :D Well just to let you know that actually I went there to accompanied my cousin and take care of our newly added cousin - January baby (parents both works there).

So I got a chance to have a little travel experience with them bringing me all over the town (it was small as their said and I was amazed by their development - THUMBS UP)

_ picture unable to upload so till next time _

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