Benefit | The POREfessional | They're Real Push Up Liner

This product has been crazily FAMOUS throughout the world and used by most of the makeup artist / youtubers / bloggers and so on .... You might want to get you hands on it girllll!!! *.*

It's better being late to try than never get to try hahahah!

The POREfessional

did what it said, really make pores less visible, fragrant smell [nice], one of the best choice ever :)

this is how the product looks like and let me show you how instant it minimize the appearance of my pores [shown in picture below - taken by me - without filter - no edit]

i have quiet large pores so you might see big DIFFERENT below :)

DSLR shot 



They're Real Push Up Liner

did what it said, seriously push up you liner, hold you lashes from getting over your way during drawing your liner :)

* as i watched lots of youtubers admit that the They're Real Push-Up Liner actually very hard to handle @ the beginning because the liner function by twisting it's end to allow the GEL liner to come out little by little [you cannot twist too much out cause it will be a waste] if not it will fell off & just take your time to learn the technique & eventually you will master the liner & use it wisely >.~ *

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