Inspired ECOTOOLS | 11 pieces Makeup Brushes *UPDATED*

Hi again!

Today's topic is off from all those high end / drugstore beauty productssss :)

recently i purchased these brushes from a seller through a very convenient shopping heaven
 @ ShopeeMY

now let's dive into my new brushes heaven / collection hahahahahahah!
imma happy girl ~.<

Well today i'm going to talk about the 11 pieces makeup brushes... yay!!!! ~.<

basically it looks like this [picture shown below] ***GOOGLE IMAGE***

it really does look EXACTLY like those i shared above :)

Let me show you all my photography on these brushes!  [ well not so professional photography ]

...  UPLOADING ...

synthetic fibre hair - brushes
***but seriously the brushes very soft***

11 pieces enough to cover all you face :)
***who said we don't need more?*** hahahahah!

small flat top kabuki brush
- suitable for applying blush / powder to set concealer :)

bendable easily >.~
- no worries, very softttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

powder brush :)

The brushes hair made from synthetic fibre hair [shall i categories like so?] hahaha something like that ya...

I'm not lying... it is really soft even at first I was testing by my hand but when I tried out on my face it's just... [why waste money for expensive brush ?] question came out from my mind!

Of course i'm not saying you shall not buy expensive brushes but for beginner / tight budget kind of person [i'm one of them] you can give this a try like it won't cost you a lot thou

Quality tip-top !

Pick up products like it should be and can compare with pricey brushes too :)

Soft bristles and it dense in a way of fibre but not like goat hair or so... [you get me..]

Comes with a pouch which is really easy for you to bring it for traveling !

11 pieces with face brushes & eye brushes which was so very complete for your brushes collection girl !!!!!

Kabuki style brushes / stippling kind of brushes

Even comes with flat top brush !


10 out of 10
so good that you can't even resist it!

we are selling those 11 pieces brushes & 10 pieces kabuki brush too
grab 1 now by order @ our insta shop


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