I have a dream ... i mean DREAMS [with S]

I have a dream ... i mean DREAMS [with S]

Theres dreamssss which we never achieve, sometime because that dream have no great pay off like certain people did mention ...


when i was younger, i ever dreamt of being a teacher and i draw on our old cupboard using a chalk [stolen from school] or pen cap and [pretending] teach "my student" - hahaha...

i ever dreamt of being a lawyer [which i think i cannot be - now] , a lawyer that go on court and win cases that i've been investigate and so ...

i ever dreamt of being a famous pianist [one of my dream which never die] and i played international & grab some awards and teach people play piano and also having a grand piano [ i mean the biggest grand piano ] - well, i can definitely go crazy when i saw a piano like even crazier for the real grand piano... [but the price beyond imagination]

i ever dreamt of become a designer [not clothes but house / building] i involves a lot with my mom in renovating our own house into a new face and also chose all the paints color which we thought something worth to try and always go for the new and challenge the bright color ... [it ended up to be very cool, which worth the try of course!]

Now, what i actually want to tell you guys is that, go for your dream... you might think that you're too late but BEING LATE BETTER THAN NEVER because everything worth to try then go on...

once you experiencing the greatest success you might want to upgrade even more right?

Share your dream with me [comment down below] / #shareyourdreamwithG

i want to know more so that share more and love more care more ~.<


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