Water 360 | Product by Watson

Most of us nowadays were pretty common with DRUGSTORE products cause some of them were actually super good to use and worth the money.

Example skincare, cosmetics, sanitaries, medical, etc...

I've tried a brand originally produce by Watsons itself called Water 360 & I tried the cleanser, lotion & mist.

found this image online - this is the full collection

1. Mineral Spring Cleansing Mousse 温泉水透潔面泡沫
in my opinion
- the foam texture is pretty relaxing to use as it is soft and silky when apply on skin

- pretty satisfied with the cleansing result

- it does removes impurities like make up residue [not totally for waterproof cosmetics]

2. Mineral Spring Hydrating Facial Lotion 温泉水透保湿乳
in my opinion
- fresh finishing

- lightweight as described and non-greasy

- does not absorb very fast

- it does moisturizes my skin throughout the day

- if in need of hydration for your skin i suggest 2 pumps

3. Mineral Spring Soothing Spray [mist] 温泉水透舒缓喷霜
in my opinion 
- instantly refresh skin

- it does hydrate skin

- for fixing makeup [not so sure yet]

- pretty convenient to bring especially for traveling or work

- spray widely throughout the face

- use after facial cleansing [as suggested]

- allow better skin absorption

- prepare skin for the best absorption


~ pleasant scent on every products

~ decent product size

~ does as it stated

~ worth the money

~ beginner skincare product

~ recommended drugstore skincare


~ when the mousse almost finish very hard to get "beautiful" foam like before :'D

~ cleanser actually finish at very fast rate as the lotion still left a lot even sometimes i used 2 pumps

~ normal price pretty high [bought during sale]

*** prepared a video on how the cleansing mousse looks like [~.O]

Thanks for reading.


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