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I know i know... it's been a while since Mother's Day passed but I still have story to share ~.< [SHORT STORIES - NO WORRIES]


I ain't a mother but i will share a lil bit about my mother [to appreciate what she had done for me and all of us]

Year 1969
There were a little girl named after GERALDINE [my mom] were born in a small village

Year 1988
After years of working, she finally met THE ONE [my dad whom she married to~]

**we were born in an ascending number for [month] but me and my youngest bro were just separate by [day] & [year] of course, but not the [month]

Year 1989
My eldest sister were born on January

Year 1990
My eldest brother were born on March

Year 1992
My second sister were born on April

Year 1994
I was born in this year hahahaha! In the month of October

Year 1998
My youngest brother were born on October too

Year 1988 - Year 2016
These 28 years passed with a very [i don't know how to describe] but I can say that in a good way.

We were born healthily & we don't have problem with our health like other baby might be & my mom took good care of our cleanliness, etc...

We were so glad to have her as our mother, she was a great women [of course so do your mother, every mother in this world]

They might sometimes annoyed you but they were just care about you.

No one could ever replaced them even how good that person might treat you.

A mother's love was the greatest gift on earth that you'll receive since you were just a tiny little "bean" in their stomach.

They had you in their stomach for 9 months carrying you all around doing house chores [housewife mother], office paperwork [office lady], and so...

They complained...

But did they ever don't want you?

They still did a very good job in delivering you out to this world... OUR MOTHER DID THAT

They even can be in hunger just to give you the best shelter & food...
They helped to do your laundry...

They complained...

But they still did it.

Have you ever wonder if you will be like them in future? Have you ever wonder how strong our mother had grown until now? Have you ever notice their love for all of us were priceless? Have you ever thought of how much you have to pay back to her when you all grown up and working / get married / have family / etc... ?

MOTHERS were the place we complaint, argue, share story with, "gossiping", .... their love just never fade. 

Last but not least,


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