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It's normal when talk about drugstore brands for example L'OréalMaybellineRevlon and so on. But currently there was this brand name kept popping up once it's open on market and it is Lakmé ...

So for those who might not know Lakmé brand, i'm going to do some "elaborating" on this brand for you guys! ~.<

Lakmé is an Indian cosmetics brand which is owned by Hindustan Unilever
and run by CEO Puskharaj Shenai.

Lakmé ranked Number 1 among cosmetics brand in India and their
ambassador is Shraddha Kapoor.

It was named after the French opera Lakmé, which itself is the French form of Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) who is renowned for her beauty.


So basically that was a short introduction for this brand.
Now we are going to do a review on it's product which is mascara & lipstick!

shall we get started ?


Before I purchased the mascara, i purchased their lipstick first! >.< 
--hahahahaha -.-

Now, I have their lipstick in the shade of Enrich Satin [353] which is more to like dark maroon color.

let me show you some picture of it....

the case itself exactly like the color :)

shade : enrich satin [Lakmé] 353

with flash it turns out this color :)

left - right  |  3 times swatch - 2 times - 1 time

left - right  |  1 time - 2 times - 3 times :)

Then, I purchased their mascara which is a very awesome one! [yay!]

let me show you some picture of it....

this mascara named eye-co-nic [as shown on the packaging]

even the product itself has a curve design which really shows how it's work :)

the wand has a curve on it which helps a lot during applying mascara to the upper lashes :)

Review time :)

Lipstick :- the texture of the lipstick itself more to like moisturizing but it glides well too which made the application easier than you thought [for darker shade of lipstick]
- also the color pigmentation were made for a "build up" kind of style which means like for the first layer the color did not just turns out dark as it should but you can slowly build up and get the color you wanted :) [i shall describe like so...hahaha...hope you understand!]
- the lipstick takes off quiet easily but with lots of layer "build up" it cannot easily come off because it kind of building that layer of "defend" on your lips ~.<

9 out of 10

Mascara :- it won't dries easily [which you must take your time to let it dry instead of directly blink you eyes right after the application] which is kind of annoying [maybe also because it's still new]
- you can use business card during application which safe you hahaha!
- this product also can be build up and it does what it said which curlllll you lashes instantly
- it's black enough to give you that full lashes effect even you don't curl your lashes using eye lash curler :) [trust me, it worked]

9 out of 10


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