Review - A'pieu Bebe Lips [matte + glossy]

this is a pretty affordable products to those who want to try either glossy or matte version of lipstick / lip crayon.

A'pieu is a korean brand that affordable brand for it's cosmetics

I've ever purchase one of it's eyeliner & of course I did a review on that product before

this time I bought this lip product which is one glossy and one matte
***a video will be attach in this blog post too***

the colour of the products actually look alike but when you swatch it was differ

the products are suitable for traveling as well cause it's cute and little.
pretty convenient to bring it anywhere without needing so much space in your make up pouch or luggage [derhh...]

hahahha! video is now up together with Catrice lip product... of course link will be down below!

swatches video included in the video below... feel free to watch :)

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